February 2013, we decided to extend the ponds up to 750M2 and the whole ponds cover with foil tunnels with open sides but protected with an insect screen. With the intention of not having cultivation of vegetables from November till February. PUURgroenten has a good cooperation partner, Rungis, and a succesfull Horecava helped us professionalize our sales and cultivation.

Due the input of many chiefs, our assortment is expanded to 80 different vegetables and the edible flowers were added to our assortment. In 2013 we have already a database of 120 different vegetables. Because some are seasonal products they are only in the assortment temporarily.

In October, after much demand from our customers, we decided to try harvest our products YEARROUND. We had the greenhouse expanded with an additional layer of foil, because of the cold. We added lighting, because of lack of sun. As an emergency we hung up heaters to maintain the temperature above the freezing point.