The first packets are sent with POST NL. The reactions are lyrical, beautiful vegetables delivered at home. Many packets will follow! In March, we decided to expand the greenhouse with a surface of 2200 M2, a saltwater pond from 80M2 and tables for the edible flowers.

February 2013, we decided to extend the ponds up to 750M2 and the whole ponds cover with foil tunnels with open sides but protected with an insect screen. With the intention of not having cultivation of vegetables from November till February. PUURgroenten has a good cooperation partner, Rungis, and a succesfull Horecava helped us professionalize our sales and cultivation.

Saskia Lammers-Boersen and Han Lammers start a partnership as second branch, PUURgroenten. In the summer of 2012, they started with three ponds outside of each 120M2. It is a new, innovative way of cultivation. Through trial and error we learned a lot, a lot of tests and taste. With 40 different vegetables and herbs.  

We move from our old location to the Kolhornerweg 4A, to make place for Agriport A7. Here we have a complete new construction build, entirely suitable for storage boxes for the potatoes.


H.J. Lammers jr takes over the company. There is a further specialization for the cultivation of S seed potatoes, with mini tubers and the traditional strains cultivation. There is a lot of ground rented for the cultivation of seeds potatoes. A new crop is the cultivation of spinach seed and red onions.

H.J. Lammers joins his father's company, there has been more intensified, including from consumption potatoes to seed potatoes. They have been experimenting with strains cultivation of high-quality seed and crop like seed onions, flax for oil and linen. There will also be more cooperation to reduce te costs.

In 1932, just after reclaiming the Wieringermeer, after a strict selection procedure, our grandfather J.W. Lammers, assigned a farm from the 'domeinen', a part of the Ministry of finance. Traditionally an agricultural company with his roots in the Wieringermeer, established by Jan Willem Lammers. The company grows traditional crops such as potatoes, winter wheat, beets, peas, flax, beans etc.