Welcome to our site! We are Han and Saskia Lammers, motivated and passionate entrepeneurs. On our site we try to give you an impression of our company.

We are every day really busy with PUURgroenten, harvesting, seeding, but also innovating. We are looking for beautiful and unusual vegetables, edible flowers and herbs, all over the world from America to Australia and from Japan to Chile.

It is important to produce vegetables whereby we look at our surroundings. PUURgroenten cultivates vegetables in a way that is safe for people, the environment and our planet. With the emphasis on quality and taste.

PUURgroenten are available in the flavor accents: sweet, bitter, spicy, nut, salt, wasabi, soft, hard, sour, mild.

PUURgroenten can be used in many ways, decorative, but also a supplement to the total dish.

Enjoy reading our website,

Han en Saskia Lammers