We are PUURgroenten, a company specialized in the cultivation of mini and micro vegetables, herbs and edible flowers. PUURgroenten operates in a way that is good for people as well as the environment and our earth.

Products of PUURgroenten are grown indoors. Seeds are sowed in tray’s filled with clots made of coir and other natural materials.


After sowing, the trays are placed in a germ cell. When the seed has sprouted, the tray will be moved to the greenhouse. The seeds will stay in its trays till they are big enough for planting at our growing system. The duration of this process varies, in winter it can take up to three weeks and in summer it could be big enough after one week.

Our vegetables grow with a hydroponic system. That means that we grow the products in big ponds filled with floating plates. We regularly analyse the water on its quality, the presence of nutrients and where necessary supplemented. All the nutrients necessary for the growth of our products we add to the water.

The products will take what they need out of the water. This process goes on 7 days a week, 24 hours a day resulting in a beautiful grown product full of flavour. Within our assortment the growth of the products varies from 3 to 26 weeks. This growth depends on the type of the product.  Also the season has a big influence, a measurement is that the growth will take twice as long in winter times.

Sustainability: We don't pollute the environment with our waste, all fertilizer materials remain in our pond and do not flush to surface water. We also generate a large part of the energy with solar panels. Enough electricity to keep machines processing is revived.

Our vegetables are protected from direct sunlight and rain by a foil greenhouse. The sides of this greenhouse can be open and closed. To keep insects outside, the sitedes are covered with an insect screen. So the advantages of outdoor growing like a nice breeze through the greenhouse are kept, but the disadvantages of excessive wetness or sunburn are avoided.

All products are, picked, cleaned and packaged one by one. To maintain the quality and prolong the shelf life of the product, they are cooled back to 5°C directly after harvesting.

PUURgroenten, taste and quality is our motivation!